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Specializing in the design and processing all kinds of plexiglass (PMMA) products, PC products, plastic plate processing and the PMMA sheet of transparent acrylic, PMMA plate of creamy white acrylic, colored acrylic sheet PMMA, PC polycarbonate panels, PC film, PC sheet, PC matte board, the PC particle board production, has its own production base, has formed a modern production, design, processing the pattern of train services are sold in Dongguan, Xi'an, Chongqing, Huai'an point. The company has advanced laser engraving machine, CNC precision engraving machine, bending machine, imported CNC punching machine, bending machine, cutting machine, milling machine, plate machine, constant temperature and humidity drying equipment and other specialized processing equipment, advanced processing technology and rich experience in processing is committed to the PC (polycarbonate), PMMA (acrylic) and the second molding processing and precision cutting, according to customer's design drawings, selection of high quality sheet metal, cutting, carving, drilling, bending, slotting , polishing, bonding, processing of plastic, blow molding, hot pressing stereotyping, printing, sandblasting, coating, etc., to maintain a specific angle and shape to meet customer requirements. Widely used in a plexiglass display rack, wooden showcase, organic coffee table, furniture, the Taiwan card props, advertising light boxes, telephone booths, arts and crafts, craft gifts, souvenirs, hotel supplies, display stands, display racks, logo signs, glasses display cases, jewelry display cabinets , phone display cabinets, cosmetic display, tobacco and alcohol, display cabinets, medicine cabinets, electrical display cabinets, clothing display cabinets, the image display cases, model display cases, data display cabinets, data display rack, leather goods display stand, shoes display racks, food display stand, as well as mechanical and electrical machinery and equipment, panels, window casing, protective masks, insulating fittings, thermoforming, automotive, machinery, chassis, plastic mold, metal lamps, clocks, gifts, plastic electronics industry. The product includes: PC plastic products, PC pressure plastic bending forming PC machinery and equipment protective cover, PC electronic housings, PC protective masks, the PC film panel, PC signs, PC lampshade, PC plastic light boxes, mining mask, PC lens, explosion-proof shield, the PC helmet helmet taxi fence windscreen of the vehicle, the explosion-proof polycarbonate PC glass, architectural polycarbonate PC Dome etc.. The spirit of the leading quality, excellent service "business purposes, we warmly welcome customers to visit our.
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